Psychic Game

This game requires the user to guess the computer's chosen letter. 10 guesses to win or lose! Are YOU psychic? Find out!

Trivial Trivia

A quick trivia game, with a Toronto Blue Jays theme! How well do YOU know the summertime boys in blue? Answer in time, or lose!

Crystal Collector

A challenging game of hidden math, and beautiful gems! Click a gem with a hidden value, to match the computer's total!

Train Scheduler

A web app, designed to accept user entered trains, and determine how long from now they'll be arriving! Plan your trip!

Sketchy App

Looking to have an awesome time out on the town, but don't know what to do? Have a "sketchy" time with this app!

Liri Node App

A virtual assistant, to compete with Siri! Using node, this app will provide song, movie, Twitter data and more!

Constructor Word Guess

A command line game, inspired by HangMan! Guess the word, before your tries run out! What's the good word!

GIPHY Search App

A web app, designed with a movies theme, to accept user requested GIF searches, and a few start choices too!

Bamazon App

A Command Line tool, so YOU can drop in on your own Bamazon store!

Friend Finder

A survey based friend seeker! A web app designed to match up two people, based on their interests and experiences. Great for dating!

Love in My Tummy

A web platform for Love in My Tummy Artisan Sweets online baking business. Amazing treats, hand-made by a one-woman business!

Mongoose Scraper

A web platform that scrapes the headlines of the CP24 website, and spits out a feed of the latest news!


A web based memory game with a Canadian sports team theme! Click the various team logos, but don't click the same one twice or you lose!

New York Times Searcher - React App

A web platform for searching the New York Times story database, based on open input criteria.